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Effective treatment of Plantar Fasciitis

We rely on our feet more than we would like to admit and it feels horrible waking up in the morning with pain in your feet. Here we talk about Plantar Fasciitis – what it is, why you get it, what you can do to prevent it – and most importantly, what you can do to treat it. Ready to be pain free? Keep reading...

What is Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is also known as Plantar fasciopathy in some medical circles and simply Jogger’s heel in colloquial terms. It is a commonly occurring at the side of attachment of ligaments and muscle tendons to bones or joints – here we are talking about the heel specifically because enthesopathies can occur in other places where we have joints. The most common symptoms of Plantar fasciitis are fibrosis, inflammation or the deterioration of the structure of the plantar fascia of the foot. This is most regularly occurring injury of the plantar fascia and most common cause of heel pain.

Who Gets Plantar Fasciitis?

Athletes are most susceptible to plantar fasciitis but it is also a common occurrence in people who are on their feet a lot of the time as a result of their form of employment – think of waiters and cashiers. They are always on their feet. As many as 10% of the population has some form of plantar fasciitis. One of the most commonly complained about symptom amongst sufferers is heel pain so if you have been experiencing pain in your heels, then you probably have plantar fasciitis. It becomes extremely bad during walking and while running making it an extremely disconcerting problem if you rely on your feet to work or have a love of running. You might not be able to go to the next marathon if things do not get better after all. Read More...

Orthotics How They Have Evolved From Custom-Made To Over-The-Counter

Orthotics refers to a branch of the medical field that has to do with the development, manufacture and use of orthoses. The term orthoses refers to devices that are specially designed and fitted into a particular part of the body to realign, correct deformities, support injuries, increase mobility, reduce pain and hasten healing.

A while back, customised orthotics were the only available option, which is to say that the patient who needed it had one designed and fitted just for him or her. No one else could use this kind of orthosis because measurements were made to fit just that particular patient. These days you can get orthoses over the counter at the chemist or drug store near you because they can be made to fit everyone. Read More...

Orthotics, a Solution for Foot Pain

Plantar fasciitis

Foot pain is quite a common complaint among certain groups of people. Particularly athletes - such as runners and jumpers - are often affected by painful conditions of the feet. As a part of their sports training and education, they are prevented about their risk of experiencing foot pain and how to decrease their chances to have some fort of foot condition. However, even if they take all preventive measures, it happens every once in a while that an athlete gets a painful condition known as plantar fasciitis. This is experienced as throbbing pain in the sole of one or both feet, usually in the middle or closer to the heel. The pain worsens in the morning or after sitting down for a while, and then is slightly relieved by walking. 

People who practise sports in an amateur level are at a higher risk of having plantar fasciitis, since they are less likely to be aware of all the risks as well as the preventive measures that they can take to decrease their chances of having plantar fasciitis. Higher risk athletic activities include not using proper footwear, jumping or running on hard surfaces, and an incorrect foot shape due to flat foot or any other structural problem. Read More...


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