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What is Plantar Fasciitis? 

Having pain in your heels while you walk? Always have more pain while taking the first few steps of the day? Chances are that you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. You do not have reasons to worry much because the condition is very much treatable. 

Plantar Fasciitis, if indeed you are suffering from the condition, is the most common cause of heel pain, especially if it hurts more while you are standing, running, or climbing stairs. The condition is certain to be plantar fasciitis, if the pain gets relieved after first few steps and comes back after excessive walking. 

There is no one single cause of why you may be suffering from the condition. The condition occurs because of inflammation of the plantar fascia tissue. The tissue connects the heel of the foot to the toes. The tissue provides support to the arch of the foot. As the tissue gets strained and has to withstand more use, the tissue gets weakened and inflamed. So, the condition occurs because of the overuse of the tissue. The overuse may be for a number of reasons and can be different for different people. If you are suffering from the condition, it may be because your schedule includes a lot of walking or running. This is one of the reasons the condition is prevalent among athletes. Another reason can be your excessive weight. In addition to these activities, chances of having an inflamed plantar fascia tissue may be that you have flat feet or high arches. Other reason why you may have a strained tissue might be hidden in the condition of your shoes. If you are wearing shoes that don’t fit well or are damaged.

You need not to worry about the condition, because you have come to the right place at the right time. The pain and the condition can get better in a very short duration, but you must not let it continue without getting treatment. The reason is simple and that is even minute problems, if left on their own can become complex.

Help from Dr Robinson Taylor Health Clinic

At Dr. Robinson Taylor Health Clinic, we specialize in dealing with conditions that occur because of Plantar Fasciitis. We have an expert team who are well versed in the symptoms as well as the treatment of the disease. 

There are many treatments for the condition available. For some, the pain goes away simply by resting, for others they might even have to take corticosteroid injections to relieve pain. It basically depends upon your condition and medical history. Our team knows what would be BEST for you! Keeping insoles, shoe inserts or orthotics can also help you get rid of the pain. Our team can also advise you about stretching exercises of both the plantar fascia and the calf muscle to strengthen them so they are able to bear the extra stress.

Since you have now come to a CARING team who knows all about treating your condition, you do not need to think about anything else. We will make sure that your condition is treated as soon as possible! 


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